First and foremost…do not do anything regarding Liking our Facebook page. We are here and will still be here but we are seriously impacted by today’s Facebook outage and will continue to be until their issues are fixed:

Here is what is up as of 3:30 PM, 3/13:

– We are able to post here on a limited basis.

– We cannot see comments.

– We cannot receive photos or videos at this time.

Some of you are able to see this post. Our website at will serve as home for all of our updates starting this evening until Facebook is fixed. If Facebook is fixed before then it will be business as usual here. As is, our updates will be limited for the next 12-24 hours as personal events have limited the availability of both Ken and Nick.

Our Twitter @MOVWeatherTweet is currently serving as our main social media. Our email is You can send your photos and videos there. We hope to resume full-time updates on Facebook as soon as possible.