We are within 12 hours of snow starting for some of you, and thus we are going to release our Final Call for snowfall projections. This forecast has been frustrating at times, and the overall confidence is somewhat low.

Overall, as we mentioned, totals were going to decrease. This is because the system is weaker and more progressive. Basically, this system is moving faster and is not expected to have as much moisture available. Therefore, we will have less snow accumulating. We have confidence snow will fall, but some uncertainty exists with how far north snow will travel, and if higher totals occur in the Southeastern Counties.

For the Northern 1/3 of our area, Less than 1″ of snow is expected. Few if any travel problems are expected. Further south across the rest of our area, 1-4″ of snow is currently expected. The highest totals will likely reside east of I-77 and east of the Ohio River. It is entirely possible some spots in Southeast Ohio and West Virginia exceed 2-4 inches, but confidence is not high in where (or if) that occurs.

This system has a few components worth discussing with you so you fully understand what has happened. We strive for accuracy. We never were sold on more than 6″ for anyone in our area, and we continue that confidence…

1. First of all, the sun angle in March is different than other winter months. This means that the sun is stronger, and snow likely will melt at the surface, which models cannot display.

2. The system has trended south and weaker, which means the heavier precipitation moves with it, too. We always mention the track and intensity of winter systems are key to snow amounts.

3. Temperatures will likely get above freezing for many locations south of I-70, which will limit some accumulations initially. Once we get past sunset, temperatures will fall below freezing, and this is where some issued could arise with wet roads freezing. We will not see a flash freeze, but travel problems could occur once we get past sunset.

A full report will be forthcoming in a LIVE video around 9:30 PM Tonight, so stay tuned for more information.final.PNG