Meteorologist: Kyle Adams
Forecasters: Ken McNatt (Discussion), Nicholas Dunn (Map)


A system still in the Pacific Ocean is scheduled to
bring a mix of rain and snow to our Coverage Area Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. Those in the heaviest amounts should see mostly snow. Those in the lighter amounts may experience some sleet, freezing rain, and regular rain before snowfall.


This system may make travel difficult to impossible at times by Sunday night. The Monday morning commute may also be negatively impacted. Power outages related to the snow are expected to be limited as snow is expected to be of the drier/lighter variety.


Medium-low, 55%

Confidence is fairly high on where the heaviest snow is expected to fall but relatively low on the amounts. This map will likely change due to shifts in expected track/intensity. A more Southern track would clinch higher snowfall totals for all. A more Northern track would leave more of us open to the effects of the infamous “Warm Wedge”.

Written: 6:10 PM 3/1/2019