EXTENDED OUTLOOKS (12/5) sponsored by St. Marys Galaxy Food Center: A little bit of snow tomorrow, especially for areas north of US 50 as a weak system attempts, but likely fails, to clear our Coverage Area before dissipating.

The longer term outlook appears to be a tad warmer and feature this awesome and bright yellow disc-shaped thingy that we are told exists somewhere in our sky. If you see it, you will likely also see a sky color other than gray. This is completely normal!

The weekend storm still appears to be a mostly south of US 33 feature with only our Southern counties getting much of anything out of it. We will continue to monitor for any shifting as it wouldn’t take much of a shift to completely change this forecast.

Sponsor message from St. Marys Galaxy Food Center:

Thank you, St. Marys Galaxy Food Center customers! We delivered 84 $5 bags AND 59 $10 bags to Newport’s Food Pantry. One particular customer bought $200 of bags then donated an additional $200 to Newport Food Pantry’s Galaxy store charge account. December’s community bags will be heading to First Baptist Church of St. Marys food pantry!

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