– by Ken McNatt

As of now, only one major model is showing any appreciable snowfall for our region from a potential system this weekend. Further, most models keep this event as one which mostly impacts a small portion of our Coverage Area.

GFS: System clips our Southern counties. Light accumulations would be expected in Lawrence (OH); Mason, Jackson, and Roane Counties…and, with the exception of Lawrence, this snowfall would be for the Southern parts of these counties.

EURO: Similar to the GFS.

CANADIAN: Similar to the GFS, shift North about 15 miles in West Virginia and include Calhoun and Gilmer Counties in West Virginia in the thinking.

FV3-GFS (experimental GFS, expected to replace current GFS in 2019): Most aggressive by far with snowfall and for a longer period of time. Moderate to Heavy snowfall in Ohio, Heavy snowfall in West Virginia. This solution would also make this storm a concern for a region larger than just the MOVWU Coverage Area.

NAM: Not in range.

WRF: Not in range.


– We are still at least five days out from any potential snowfall from this system, though most models are pointing toward Sunday as the main day for accumulation.

– We are not in the 72 hour range where we would discuss actual totals and will not provide estimates at this time.

– Though the FV3-GFS is currently an outlier we cannot dismiss it as a possible solution just yet.

– The time to prepare for ANY possibility is now. Go to https://www.ready.gov/winter-weather for more information about how to prepare for the worst that Winter could possibly throw our way.

Please check back in with us for further information.