snow.PNGFIRST CALL — Snowfall Monday Night Through Tuesday
Forecasters: Nick, Kyle, Owen, and Ken

After some discussion with our team, we are releasing a first call on our thoughts for the next round of snow Monday Night into Tuesday. A storm system will track through the Appalachian Mountains Monday and spread rain to our region Monday Evening. Once colder air interacts, we will see rain mix with or change to snow depending on location.

There remains some concern on the exact track of this system, along with the intensity. We generally are thinking 1-2″ of snow over Eastern Indiana into Western and Northern Ohio. Lesser amounts are expected further northwest due to lighter snow, and to the southeast due to mixed precipitation and a lack of colder air.

Further shifting of the storm track is possible, which means we will see some potential shifting of final totals. Also, we are monitoring the potential for some light freezing drizzle to be mixed in somewhere in the region.

Travel impacts are possible as we get into Tuesday Morning, so keep that in mind as you prepare for your commute to work or school!